Estatimate is a property tool developed by estateace to compute the total cost of owning a home including Purchase Price, Maintenance Fees and Charges, Membership Fees, Tax, Registration charges, Stamp Duty and other Add-On costs that goes in owning the property.

Why estatimate?

A homebuyer is often intimidated and shocked to learn that Cost of homeownership adds up with additional components and hidden costs than just Purchase Price. These extra hidden costs are often stressful part about owning a home. To help home buyers prepare estateace identified some common expenses that a home owner should budget in determining the actual cost of owning a home. Getting to know costs upfront and after you own including the Purchase price and Add-On costs can help Plan better and right decision for buying a home.

Estatimate is computed using Listing information, User and Marketing team data collected for properties listed on estateace.com. Estatimate price points for properties and its accuracy depends on Builder, Location and availability of property data that is with estateace.com. We try to be our best to be accurate in predicting the final cost a home buyer will likely pay for a property.

Estatimate cost varies depending on Location, Builder and can even vary from builder to builder with in the same locality. Data presented on the website for a property estimate using estatimate price can be outdated sometimes due to the fact that property has been sold or not updated by Builder more recently it is up to the home buyer to check the accuracy of the estatimate price for the listed property with the builder.

Home Buyers who are highly interested and like to Overlookthe total cost of a apartment can use this estatimate price as a headsup for narrowing your home choices and your financial options.

Estatimate gives a good starting point in determining the actual cost of owning a home, we strive improve the product much better in coming days so that its useful for all home buyers.

Please send us your feedback about this product to feedback@estateace.com , we appreciate your valuable feedback and comments.